“Divination” is one of the rituals of leaving the ego.

At the risk of misunderstanding, the essence of divination is "irresponsibility". It is a ritual to leave the 'self' so as not to be dependent on the self-consciousness (self). The function of fortune-telling is to get rid of superficial emotions, worldliness, common sense, and the stereotypes we have, and to leave these behind. The means … Continue reading “Divination” is one of the rituals of leaving the ego.

[Youtube] Tights Panty Stocking So-jyutsu

We uploaded "Tight Panty Stocking So-jyutsu" on Youtube.   Tights-panty stocking so-jyutsu is the method to tell the future, the luck, and the individual bio rythm like palm reading. If you have learned the theoretical system, you can easily read your own future. Actually, We can read our future from two dimensional images as the … Continue reading [Youtube] Tights Panty Stocking So-jyutsu