The truth about palm reading

Do you believe in palm reading?
I have been studying palm reading for many years.

I have read palm readings in 13 countries and have seen over 50,000 palm readings.


However, these were not perfect. Rather, there was a great deal missing from these books. I was perplexed. Why can’t my palm reading be accurate?


Nishikei was reading palm in Morocco Fez.
Nishikei was reading palm in Morocco Fez.


Palm reading, which is now in vogue around the world, is based on Western astrological ideas that developed in the 14th century. The planets are placed in the palm of the hand. This is less flexible because it is rooted in astrological and monotheistic ideas.

This method is correct in moderation. However, if we want to achieve a higher success rate, we need to fundamentally question this system.

To begin with, we must consider what lines like “life lines”, “intelligence lines” and “emotional lines” really mean.

In other words, palm reading should not be confined to “lines”.
Palm reading expands the world by understanding it as a divination technique like “Tarot cards” or ” I Ching”.

Make your palm reading more free.